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Sura 92: The Night (Al-Layl)

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[92:1]  By the night as it covers.

[92:2]  The day as it reveals.

[92:3]  And Him who created the male and the female.

[92:4]  Your works are of various kinds.

[92:5]  As for him who gives to charity and maintains righteousness.

[92:6]  And upholds the scripture.

[92:7]  We will direct him towards happiness.

[92:8]  But he who is stingy, though he is rich.

[92:9]  And disbelieves in the scripture.

[92:10]  We will direct him towards misery.

[92:11]  His money cannot help him when he falls.

[92:12]  We provide the guidance.

[92:13]  We control the Hereafter, as well as this life.

[92:14]  I have warned you about the blazing Hellfire.

[92:15]  None burns therein except the wicked.

[92:16]  Who disbelieves and turns away.

[92:17]  Avoiding it will be the righteous.

[92:18]  Who gives from his money to charity.

[92:19]  Seeking nothing in return.

[92:20]  Seeking only his Lord, the Most High.

[92:21]  He will certainly attain salvation.

Total frequency of the word GOD until the end of this Sura
= 2688
Total sum of verses where the word GOD occurs until the end of this Sura
= 118074

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